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Postform Counter Top Patterns

IN STOCK - Postformed Countertops:


E-Top 2000  European Style

Popular demand makes this European style number one.  The 90°/90° oval, flat front roll nose complements today’s cabinets creating a luxurious look.
The laminate wraps around the front nose giving added protection.  More curves, softer flowing lines, just the right touches.
Price Group 3 - Radiance & Honed Finishes

3450-RD Mineral Jet Honed

3690-77 Basalt Granite Radiance

6222-RD Brazilian Brown Granite Radiance

6223-RD Venetian Gold Granite Radiance


Price Group 2 - Etchings & Polished Finishes

3452-46 Santa Cecelia Gold Etchings

3518-46 Flint Crystall Etchings

3523-46 Giallo Granite Etchings

3691-46 Baltic Granite Etchings

3692-46 Labrador Granite Etchings

3917-46 Rosso Granite Etchings

7732-46 Butterum Granite Etchings
7734-46 Jamocha Granite Etchings
4550-01 Granite Polished
4551-01 Blackstar Granite Polished
New Pattern Coming Soon


New Pattern Coming Soon

Price Group 1 - Matte Finishes

204-58 Butcher Block Matte
920-58 Almond Matte
949-58 White Matte
3517-58 Sand Crystall Matte
3526-58 Travertine Matte
4761-60 Mystique Mount Matte
4762-60 Mystique Dawn Matte
7732-58 Butterum Granite Matte
7734-58 Jamocha Granite Matte

Other Special Edge Profiles:


Make any room in your home a work of art with the Amore'® sculptured series laminate countertop.
Hartson-Kennedy's "patent pending" Amore' profile is unique in its subtle,
refined profile and is the only sculptured countertop on the market made out of horizontal postforming grade laminate.

Available Edge Profiles & Specification Data Sheets:
Amore' ®
Diamond Top
Dura-Top Self Edge
E-Top #1200
E-Top #1500
E-Top #2000


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