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Helen Goltsos-Baskwill, Controller

Click here to email Helen,     Phone Ext. 108


Susan Hadfield - Office Operations

Susan has been the company gatekeeper for 25 years!
Everyone here relies on Susan to guide them through our organization.  We thank her for her professionalism and upbeat attitude. 
Next time you call, please say Hi to Susan.  She will take care of getting you to the staff member you need. 
Interests:  Taking care of her grand-son, crafts, reading

Click here to email Susan,     Phone Ext. 100

Rose Graham - Purchasing

In the beginning, we did not have computers..... everything was done by hand.
Rose has been with the company for more than 32 years.
Starting in customer service, Rose is now responsible for purchasing & accounts payable.
Interests:  Family, crafts, movies and reading

Click here to email Rose,       Phone Ext. 106


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